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White Paper and Application


White Paper    

Sealed Micro Switch

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Switching electrical power or signals has been a basic function for decades. One of the devices that perform this operation is a snap action based switch, manufactured in very large quantities by multiple manufacturers. The largest market segment in power switching ( up to 15 Amps ) is for applications with simple requirements, mostly in appliance related applications. A simple micro switch without any specific protection against water, dust or temperature will do the job.

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Aerospace Foil Resistor applications

Circuitry for space probes, avionics and down-hole data logging must perform flawlessly under harsh conditions, including high vibration and extreme temperature changes.
Even a failure of a minor component can negatively impact—or stop—the performance of the entire device.
For instance, satellites have failed due to resistor malfunction.

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Thermostat and pressostat Switch applications

From pharmaceutical to oil and petrochemical industries and more, process control applications rely in large part on the wellknown physical variables of temperature and pressure. To ensure that a chemical batch doesn’t exceed a certain setpoint, accuracy and reliability are key. Important components.

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Railway Switch applications

The railway applications are a difficult environment for sensitive electronic sensor. If you want to detect an open/closing of doors or the properengagement and looking of the mechanicalcoupler between units of a train set you are forced to find a solution which has to work under extreme temperature conditions.

pdf (197 Ko)

Microprecision Electronics optimizes its switches for elevator applications  pdf(1.3Mo)
Switching technology for various uses in the demanding field of machine industry  pdf(298KB)
Switching technology for various uses in the demanding field of transport technology  pdf(280KB)




Microprecision Electronics SA is now offering a new variation of its MP500 sealed subminiature micro switch with an actuating force  lower actuating force of max 1 N



Feature product


Wilbrecht LEDCO is pleased to introduce a new solder lug/faston terminated version of its popular ruggedized IP67