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Selection Guide (PDF 2.8Mo)   EN      
  MP40 (PDF 95KB) EN D FR  
  MP90 (PDF 62KB) EN D FR  
  MP110 (PDF 150KB) EN D FR  
  MP200 (PDF 140KB) EN D FR  
  MP300 (PDF 185KB) EN D FR  
  MP400 (PDF 77KB) EN D FR  
  MP500 NA        
  MP700 (PDF 525KB) EN D FR  
  MP720 (PDF 163KB) EN D FR  
  MP800 (PDF 1194KB) EN D FR  
Emergency stop button MP900 (PDF377KB) EN      
General catalogue (PDF 3.7Mo)   EN      
Selection Guide (PDF 1.5Mo)   EN D    
LED 120VAC / 240VAC 120VAC/240VAC Panel Mount LEDs (PDF 477KB) EN      
LED Night Vision 5mm Series CC/CR/BR - CRM/BRM (PDF 337KB) EN      
PCB mount panel RA Series T1 Right Angle / 3mm (PDF 105KB) EN      
  RA Series T1 Right Angle Bar 0.122" High LED Centerline / 3mm (PDF 92KB) EN      
  RA Series T1 Right Angle Bar 0.150" High LED Centerline / 3.8mm (PDF 97KB) EN      
  DRA/DRS Series T1 Right Angle Bar  / 3mm (PDF 91KB) EN      
  TRA/TRS Series T1 Right Angle Bar / 3mm (PDF 104KB) EN      
  RA Series T1 ¾ Right Angle Bar / 5mm (PDF 103KB) EN      
  BN/BT Series T1 ¾  Right Angle Bar / 5mm (PDF 103KB) EN      
  VBI/VBD Series Vertical Bar (PDF 111KB) EN      
Snap in L30/L31 Series T1 / 3mm (PDF 81KB) EN      
  L40/L41 Series T1 / 3mm (PDF 88KB) EN      
  L50/L51 Series T1 ¾ / 5mm (PDF 90KB) EN      
  L60/L61 Series T1 ¾ / 5mm (PDF 98KB) EN      
  4000/3000 Series T1 / 3mm (PDF 87KB) EN      
  4400/7400 Series / 5mm (PDF 80KB) EN      
  100/600 Series T1 ¾ / 5mm (PDF 95KB) EN      
Screw on CS/BS Series T1 Reflector 3mm (PDF 89KB) EN      
  CD Series T1 Reflector 3mm (PDF 90KB) EN      
  CR/BR Series T1¾ Reflector 5mm (PDF 98KB) EN      
  CC Series T1¾ Reflector 5mm (PDF 96KB) EN      
  CRM Series T1¾ Rear mount 5mm (PDF 89KB) EN      
Incandescent / Neon 400/300 Series Incandescent / Neon Panel mount indicator (PDF 75KB) EN      
  100/600 Series Incandescent / Neon panel mount indicator (PDF 74KB) EN      
  700 Series Incandescent / Neon Panel mount Cartridge indicator (PDF 83KB) EN      
Metal Foil Resistors          
Selection Guide (PDF 1.9Mo)   EN      
Through Hole Series WA and WB (PDF 198KB) EN      
  Series WQ and WT (PDF 776KB) EN      
  Series WN        
Surface Mount Series VSM (PDF 627KB) EN      
  Serie VSMP (PDF 781KB) EN      




Microprecision Electronics SA is now offering a new variation of its MP500 sealed subminiature micro switch with an actuating force  lower actuating force of max 1 N



Feature product


Wilbrecht LEDCO is pleased to introduce a new solder lug/faston terminated version of its popular ruggedized IP67