Through Hole, RNC 90


Wilbrecht ledco, inc' metal foil resistors are constructed to reliably meet the tightest temperature coefficients and resistance tolerances while providing long term stability in high reliability applications.

We offer a TCR of ± 2.5 ppm/°C over the range - 55°C to +125°C and resistance tolerances to 0.005%. Our resistors have less than a 0.2% resistance change over 10,000 hours at rated temperatures and power.

The resistor's unique two-wire lead construction abates mechanical stresses and provides increased protection against vibration in military and aerospace applications. All production is documented to QPL standards.



  Series Descriptions


Series WA and WB

These commercial grade metal foil resistors provide extreme stability for A/D circuits.

Series WQ and WT

These close tolerance metal foil resistors are approved for MIL-PRF-55182/RNC90 (R Level)

Series WN

The WN Series is qualified to the NASA S-311-P-813 specification.